The Lukuai Farm is an experiential learning venue on hay production and ASALs (Arid and Semi Arid Lands) grasslands management.

For development agencies and dairy groups we help your stakeholders move from theoretical concepts to a hands-on clarity on grass production.

Sample what some our visitors say about the learning experience at the Lukuai Hay Farm.

10/11/17: CIFA – Kenya: The exchange visit objective was met as the community representative members went back and replicated the same in activity engaging pasture production, management, reseeding, natural resource product value addition and effect of free range system… Read more: CIFA Appreceiation Lukuai Farm Letter

CIFA Farm Visit Oct 2

CIFA members  at Lukuai Hay Farm.


29/11/17: VSF-Germany (Marsabit).  See attached letter: VSF-Germany (Marsabit Kenya)

VSF Germany

VSF Germany ( Marsabit) –  Talking Grass at Lukuai Hay Farm

11/4/17: IGAD / ICPALD: Regional learning at Lukuai Farm

Hay seed dispersal, planting

Team IGAD broadcasting seeds at Lukuai Farm