Why do a Hay Blog?

I’ve been there, done it and still doing it in agriculture.  I’ve taught agriculture in a high school, worked with farmers as an extension field staff and now I am managing the Lukuai Hay Farm.

This blog is the meeting point of my teaching days and interactions with farmers with the added mix of working in ASALs , where condition are tough but grass still grows.

My aim is to make the blog a go-to knowledge platform where we can engage on hay matters beyond price, carrying capacity of trucks and weight of the bales.

No doubt these questions are important but I feel we need candid discussions on aspects that affect the quality of hay.

From choice of grass / legume species, soil fertility, weed control,plant density, stage of harvesting, to curing and post harvest care, look out for these topics in this blog. We need to talk about grass(es) way before baling.

So get involved with your queries, comments and opinions.

And yes, that weighty question on the weight of the hay bales – it is going to be addressed.  Be on the look out and the way to make sure you are the 1st to know is by subscribing to this blog.

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