Work with me

What I bring on to the table.

In short: I bring practical experience of managing grasslands in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs) in Kenya and interacting with small holder dairy farmers and pastrolists.

I will help your organisation to move from theoretical work to proven practices in grassland management in ASALs , saving you time and money.

Is there a viable solution to breaking the drought cycles in ASALs? What is the role of private /public partnerships in grass production in ASALs? What is the solution to Kenya’s perennial livestock fodder challenges? Does quality matter in conserved feeds such as hay?

I am available as a resources person to offer practical insights to the above questions.

How can work together.

Among the ways I can get engaged with you include;

  • Speaking, presenting and being a panelist in conferences, with a particular focus on ASALs and production
  • On the farm training for groups
  • One-on-one consulting for projects and individual farmers in ASALs.

Contact me to arrange for training at Lukuai Hay Farm.

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Tel: 0725-520627